Point Bay Cannabis

Point Bay Cannabis is our California cannabis connection. Brands you enjoy, service you trust. Established in humboldt since 2016

People are just like cannabis plants, with different characteristics and needs. So, we strive to have a Joint or Gummy for every tolerance level, effect, & preference.

A variety of cannabis-derived CBD products allow you to experience weed without the psychoactive effect of THC, and only pull the benefits from terpenes, synergy, and other cannabinoids.

Our recreational Joints & Gummies are meant for the every-day, average dose consumer coming down from a day of parenting, a stressful job, or anyone stealing a moment to giggle with their favorite person.

For consumers with high tolerances, or special occasions, we have a whole line of infused Joints, the WKND WRECKRs and edibles that don’t require a bag of sugar to get the amount of cannabinoids desired.

So no matter if you are a first timer or old timer, you can WKND with us.