Introducing Eureka’s New Brand

The City of Eureka is a unique and authentic coastal community. Protected by the redwood forest and wrapped by the pristine and fruitful Humboldt Bay, the city is a great place to live and work. It has a culture, history, and cityscape that is distinct, and has proven to appeal to visitors from around the world.

The new brand identity system is designed to reflect the complex and heavily layered dynamics of the calm, coastal environment, the vibrant, historic setting, and the city’s artistic, diverse, and independent people. The brand was developed with inspiration from Humboldt County’s natural beauty and outdoor recreation, and the City of Eureka’s architecture, history, and public art scene.

By using one common professional system to identify and promote the City, the community can build brand equity, increase attention on important messages, and drive synergistic gains and value-added benefit from aligned communication efforts that support investments in economic development, quality of life offerings, infrastructure advancement, and tourism.

You’re encouraged to explore how the brand comes to life in both the digital and physical spaces.  Adopt and own it like it’s your own — because it is.  All good brands are 50% authentic and 50% aspirational, and much of this brand is a reflection of Eureka’s community and the people who make it great.

Drive by City Hall to check out a larger-than-life banner celebrating the new brand.  Cruise down 101 and view two new billboards inviting travelers off the highway and into Eureka’s historic Old Town and Waterfront.  Wrap your next Eureka experiences in filters on Facebook and Instagram.  While we’re sheltering in place, use Eureka’s new branded wallpapers and stunning photography on your next Zoom call.

Seeking more involvement?  We’re still accepting photos of Eureka’s iconic people, places, and moments.  One more winner of a $500 prize will be announced July 1.

If you always play tour guide when friends and family come to visit, write up your Perfect Eureka Day for the tourists and visitors we’ll welcome when the time is right.  More information  can be found below.

Want to take home Eureka’s iconic new brand? We’re offering 800 limited edition, first-come-first-serve branded giveaways.  Fill out the questionnaire below and claim your prize.

During this time, our local business owners and citizens are working together toward new ways to improve our community and our offerings.  We aren’t ready to open up to tourists quite yet, but we hope the new brand inspires you to think about what we’ll be able to offer when the time is right, and build what comes next.

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Facebook Filters

Download free Facebook filters here to show your love for our awesome city.

Instagram Filters

Want to frame your Eureka moments in the new Eureka brand?  Download Instagram & Facebook Stories filters here.

Snapchat Geofilters

Find them all!  Visit the following iconic Eureka locations to access all of the Snap filters.

Zoom Backgrounds

View our library of branded wallpapers and iconic photos to bring a little Eureka to your next Zoom meeting.  Instructions for setting your virtual background can be found here.

Perfect Eureka Day

Let’s play a game.  Prospective travelers love to read or review itineraries and do like the locals do.  And nobody knows this community better than you.  It’s your perfect Eureka day – take a moment to pretend you’re a tourist in Eureka.  Write a short narrative that helps paint a picture that will help future visitors imagine their experiences in advance. 

It’s your perfect Eureka day…how does it start?  Where will you go?  What will you do?  Where will you eat?  Who would you want to seek out or bring with you on your adventures?  What season would it be?  What will the weather be like? 

Feel free to get creative — we don’t have many rules but this should be a positive and fun representation of this great city.

The goal will be to have enough contributors that we can rotate the features all year long.  All contributors will receive attribution so please feel free to share a picture of yourself (bonus points if it’s of you doing something you’re recommending) and let us know if there is a title and organization name you’d like us to reference when we give you credit. You can also share photos of your favorite Eureka locations.

Submit your Perfect Eureka Day & photos here!

Brand Survey

You've watched the video. You've seen the brandbook. You've updated your social media, and you're thinking about what perfect Eureka day activities you'd like to submit. Now, please take a minute to tell us what you think. Take our quick survey below.

    When deciding what timing is right to start inviting visitors back to Eureka, we'll need to consider safety, preparedness, and economic benefit. Based on what you know about your family, your business environment or work situation, and your current comfort level, how soon would you like to see the City promoting our region to travelers?

    We strive to find a balance between authenticity and aspiration with every brand we build. This allows communities to honestly represent who they are and what they offer while providing room to grow into what they hope to become. Based on your first impression, on a scale of 1-10, how authentic does this new brand identity system feel to you? (1 being least authentic, 10 being most authentic)

    Based on your goals for your community, on a scale of 1-10 how well does this brand reflect a future state you want to see? (1 being not well, 10 being very well)