An Afternoon of Jazz with Db Geare

Come visit the Morris Graves Museum of Art for an afternoon of great music on Sunday, March 19th at 3:00 pm. Enjoy an Afternoon of Jazz with Db Geare and immerse yourself in jazz standards, original tunes and swing music… old and new… Originally from the Los Angeles area, Db came to visit Eureka about 5 years ago and decided on the spot to move here; “a beautiful old town with wonderful people”.

Db Geare started playing guitar at the age of fifteen. Largely self-taught, he got into the high school jazz band about a year and a half later. The orchestra leader did not realize how little Db knew about playing jazz, or guitar for that matter, of course, neither did Db...  But thus began DB’s long struggle trying to gain some mastery over these interrelated difficulties.

After that, he played in the “big band” at a local city college. He studied harmony and orchestration, and after college, played for many years fronting various pop and small jazz ensembles.  Db faced the inevitable challenges a musician does living in Los Angeles; like, “how will I pay rent this month”?  and, “can I get a song out of this”?

Db has written hundreds of songs.  Many of his songs have been used in television shows for ABC, CBS, BET, Fox, and multiple cable channels.  At this time, he is writing tunes for a new release: “Mystery Box”, available later this year.  Currently, he performs solo; playing and singing a collection of American Songbook and original works.

Things are sure to get festive as the tunes begin to flow at the Morris Graves Museum’s monthly event, An Afternoon of Jazz, with Db Geare on Sunday, March 19th at 3:00pm!

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