An evening of Art and Music with Silver and Nails at Arts Alive in the Morris Graves Museum of Art!

Silver and Nails will entertain museum goers at the Morris Graves Museum of Art on Saturday May 7th,  from 6:00-9:00pm for Arts Alive! Silver and Nails consists of Kris Swan- Guitar, bass, drums, vox, and Vanessa Blount- Guitar, chord organ, vox. Silver and Nails is a two-piece indie rock band from Eureka, CA.  The duo layer melodies and vocal harmonies; looping tracks to create a sound that is uniquely theirs.  All of their music and lyrics are written and recorded by them, often described as a dark yet beautiful, dream-like, raw unfiltered sound.  Kris Swan brings his musical expertise to this project having previously been in several other notable local bands, such as the Eureka Garbage CompanyRadios and CavesThe Buff Cheeks, and Jazz Prison.  Swan was also featured in the Humboldt underground music documentary: Rural Rock and Roll.  Vanessa Blount has played guitar and written songs for most of her life, and the two came together around 2013 where writing and playing together became a hobby.  In 2016, they began taking a more serious approach to their work, and by 2019 finished their first album “Not Like Me,” released December 2021. 

Make sure to visit each of the galleries while you’re in the museum Saturday night too! Lay eyes on our continuing exhibitions, “The Divine Feminine” by Barrie Love- in the Knight Gallery, and Nancy Tobin’s “Journey to the Center of the Milks”- in the Thonson Gallery, as well as our newly installed exhibition, Kit Davenport’s “New Sculpture and Drawing”- in the Anderson Gallery. Come enjoy a free night of art and music at the Morris Graves Museum of Art, from 6:00-9:00 pm on Saturday, May 7th, for Arts Alive!

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