Annual Rhododendron Parade

Celebrate the vibrant red and pink rhododendron blooms on the North Coast at Eureka's Rhododendron Parade.

Find a spot and watch classic cars, floats, horses, tractors, bands and more all decorated with pink and red blooms and other various plants and flowers to pay homage to the Rhododendron as they make their way east on Seventh Street, south on H Street and west on Henderson Street.

Rhododendrons are easy enough to spot, with or without blossoms. They are evergreen bushes, up to 12 feet tall, with soft, leathery, deep green leaves 3 to 6 inches in length. Come bloom time, you can’t miss them. Their bright, rounded clusters of large, tubular flowers resemble spotlights against the dark trunks of redwood trees.

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