Art Talk with Stock Schlueter “Brush Work”

Join us at the Morris Graves Museum of Art on Sunday, May 7th at 2:00pm for Art Talk with Stock Schlueter as he discusses his current exhibition, “Brush Work.”  

Stock Schlueter’s paintings depict the landscapes of the North Coast and surrounding areas, as well as imagery from his travels, and offer a subtle array of qualities concerned with both the subject matter and a pure love of design. Initially these scenes strike the viewer as realistic renditions of the landscape with intriguing trees, attractive skyscapes, bodies of water, country roads and other such trappings that come with the territory. The eye is drawn toward the depth of space he creates and the liveliness it lends to the interplay of these compositional elements. 

Stock Schlueter is truly a local artist. His roots are deep in the rich earth of Northern California. The family history dates back to the 1890’s when his great aunt, Della Frederick’s and her husband Ben first came to the area by mule train from Weaverville on a hunting expedition. They loved the country and vowed to return. Eventually they sold their business in San Francisco, and bought an old homestead overlooking the Trinity River near Burnt Ranch.  Of course by this time there was a road, electricity, telephones and the like.

“My first memories of life are of this self-sufficient mountain ranch perched on about ten acres above the Trinity River. By this time it was well lived in and cluttered with life of all kinds in various stages of wildness. The original orchard pulsing with fruit, the soil rich with crops for daily use... A beautiful creek ran through the middle feeding a pond of fresh clean water down by the barn. The river teemed with salmon, trout, and steelhead. The mountains were home to all manner of wildlife. Hunting and fishing were a big part of everyday life. To call it rural would be an understatement. One might say primitive. But the way I saw it, through the uncluttered lens of youth, it was the most complex and wonderful canvas splashed with millions of perfect brushstrokes in all the colors of nature. I never wanted to lose this love of being here. Of course I grew up with a young life full of adventure taking advantage of being in the mountains and living with the river in my heart. Art gave me a way to share how I felt about it all. Eventually I acquired enough skill to attempt to talk about it directly with paint. I’m still on that quest.”

Learn more about Stock Schlueter and his recent body of work during Art Talk at the Morris Graves Museum of Art on Sunday, May 7th at 2:00pm!

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