Wigi Wetlands Restoration Work Days Return!

Starting at 9am, Saturday June 27th, help reduce the spread of invasive species at Wigi Wetlands by cutting flowers! The meadow which was largely cleared of Scotch broom is filling in with wild radish. At this point it is blossoming, but hasn't set seed. There is a little Scotch broom in bloom, Klamath weed is growing along the trail, and the birdsfoot trefoil is invading the wetlands! The good news is that the plants haven't produced much seed yet, so by getting rid of the flowers, a lot of time can be saved in the future! New protocols will be in place. They will be practicing social distancing, wearing masks (extras will be provided if needed) and asking people to bring their own work gloves. They will also limit the number of volunteers to 10.

Event Information