Cub Camp (Ages 5-7)

Cub Club is a wild adventure for the young explorer. Each session runs Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. During each class they learn about animals through intimate encounters, hands-on exploration, theater, storybooks, art and more. (Themes are below).

Animal Tales – Myths and legends, tales and lore was how we got our information before, look at stories from long ago to see how they shape what we now know. Spend a week of discovering the facts behind the stories along with animal encounter, nature walks and crafts galore. 

Home Sweet Habitat – From the forest floor to the tallest peak, all living things have a place they call home. We will spend the week exploring habitats all over the world and discover what makes each one unique. Campers will have the chance to visit our local redwood habitat, meet animals from near and far, and create a home to place in their own backyard. 

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