“Double Feature” Art Talk with Ruth Arietta and Bachrun LoMele at the MGMA!

Join us at the Morris Graves Museum of Art on Sunday, September 3rd at 2:00pm for a Special “Double Feature” Art Talk with Ruth Arietta and Bachrun Lomele at the MGMA. Arietta will give her talk in the Knight Gallery at 2pm and Lomele will be speaking at 3pm on the main floor of the Museum.

At 2pm, Arietta will discuss her current exhibition “Narrative Paintings and Fanciful Sculpture” now on view at the Museum.

“My paintings show rooms and environments that I myself and many people would be at home in, with people in the paintings at their best selves, and how they should be. I like them to convey humanness, the funny moments, and the private things we all do. They convey to the people that look at them the feeling of coming home. 

The paintings I do are full of objects in cluttered organization, the perspective altered and yet right, with an array of color and pattern juxtaposed within the rooms. The painting process involves joy and risk and longing, like the fool stepping blindly over the hill in the Tarot Cards. Combined with the daily coffee cups and household paraphernalia, order and chaos, they offer a rare display of reality and imagination; inner and outer.”–Ruth Arietta

At 3pm, LoMele will discuss his current exhibition “Burn Pile /The Andromeda mirage that I often see” now on view at the Museum.

“This show will be an installation suggestive of a collapsed home. So, much of it will be spread on the floor of the gallery or leaning against the walls. At first glance this will appear to be a colossal mess, but closer inspection will reveal that all the elements have been hand crafted and carefully considered.

Presenting my inner expression publicly has been a particular challenge for me, but also exhilarating (as feedback can be generative). As it turned out, my inner expression required massive doses of outer interaction to fully develop and manifest physically. This inner/outer process happened especially through the development of my Burn Pile project over the past 9 years.

Learn more about the art of Ruth Arietta and Bachrum LoMele during Art Talk at the Morris Graves Museum of Art on Sunday, September 3rd at 2:00pm!

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