Epitome Gallery: OMG Omega

The Epitome Gallery is very excited to be displaying the artwork of L.A. graff writer Omega of the Uti Crew. Omega's show will be on display throughout November. Omega AKA Ωmega started writing graffiti in L.A. back in 1986. Back then she was one of the few females shattering glass ceilings in the mostly boys club.

OMEGA has been an L.A. graffiti writer since the late 80’s. She was the owner of L.A.’s first Hip Hop Shop in the early 90’s. She is featured in the iconic book, Graffiti Style L.A. and has painted commissioned work in Switzerland, Mexico and all over the U.S. Over the years, OMEGA’s work has been featured in many L.A. gallery shows. She is known for being one of the first female graffiti writers to make an impact in L.A. Relentlessly breaking barriers and trail blazing for those to come. She pushes styles and challenges the viewer

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