Halloween Bike Party

Let's ride around and check out Eureka's best decorated houses! Costumes encouraged! Helmet and safety lights required 🙂
Bring a lock and cash in case we stop at the end for an adult beverage.
If you know of an amazing location we must visit, give the address in the discussion and we will try to add it to the route.
This is a slow and easy ride with stops to regroup. Approximate mileage: 7-10 miles.

Bike Party Humboldt is a group of crazy biking fools who organize monthly themed nighttime bike rides in different areas of Humboldt County.

You will follow a pre-planned route on bike paths, trails or city streets.
You will be surrounded by lights, music, and 20-60 other bicyclists.
All levels of riders are welcome to participate as we encourage a casual pace.

We usually have one or two stops mid-ride to regroup, socialize, play a game, or just hang out.
People often decorate themselves and their bikes, but that is TOTALLY optional.

And don’t forget the 3 L’s: bring your Lights, Locks, and Layers of clothing.

You are responsible for yourself AND your bike on all rides.
You must have a headlight/lamp and taillight to be legal on the road at night.

We try to be as courteous to drivers as possible and follow the BIKE PARTY rules of the road:
-Stay to the Right!
-Stop at Lights!
-Ride Straight!
-Don’t Hate!
-Pack your Trash!
-Don’t get Smashed!

Flats and breakdowns do happen. YOU COULD BE NEXT. Have a plan for it.

Plan to bring a spare tube that fits your tire, a pump & tire levers.
Bonus points for having repair tools on hand for others that may need them!

We HIGHLY encourage any participant to lend a hand where possible during a breakdown. We don’t want to leave anyone behind, but we cannot guarantee that the train will stop just for your flat tire.
YOU are responsible for yourself AND your bike, and should have a backup plan in the event your bike goes BAD.

Check your ABCs:
AIR – tires inflated and not leaking or about to blow out.
BRAKES – Check that your breaks work properly.
CHAIN AND CRANK – Make sure your chain is lubed, operating smoothly, and your cranks are tight and spinning properly.
If you don't know how to check these things have a friend who knows or a bicycle professional show you how.

ATTENTION: YOU RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK. You are responsible for your bike and your own safety while riding. BE BRIGHT AND COURTEOUS. There are inherent dangers in biking on public streets in a large group. These dangers could result in serious injury: potholes, cars, possible other riders losing control in front of or next to you. These risks are amplified by riding at night. We want to stay safe, so ride safe, give people space and pull over before stopping. Call out road hazards to other riders, and follow traffic laws.
You may be the unlucky rider that gets a flat. Your fellow cyclists may be willing to help you, but you are responsible for fixing your flat tire and getting home safely.

Now back to the fun!
Let’s get funky and have a great time!

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