A Humboldt County Artist Goes to Ireland: Art Talk with Julie McNiel at the MGMA!

Join us at the Morris Graves Museum of Art on Sunday, July 2 at 2:00 p.m. for Art Talk with Julie McNiel as she discusses her recent artist residency in Ireland.

What is an artist-in-residence program? Are you considering applying to one, but aren’t sure where to start? Is it worth the time and expense? Where to find funding? What kind of residency to apply for? What would you like to accomplish if you were to attend a residency?

Julie will answer these questions through a slide presentation focusing on her recent artist residency in Ireland. The presentation is geared towards artists and audience members who are considering applying. Some programs, like PLAYA in Oregon, are open to scientists as well as artists, for interdisciplinary practice and research. Some programs welcome application from teachers, scholars, and creatives from many fields - there are many kinds of art residencies. Julie will also show some of the art she created while attending the Irish residency. This includes excerpts in booklet form of her graphic novel in-progress, and dry point prints including depictions of the Giant’s Causeway, a stunning geological site located on Ireland’s northern seacoast.

Audience members may pick up some art funding and travel tips - bring a notebook! … And consider exploring their own roots, to discover fertile sources for their art. An artist residency can provide opportunities that aren’t available locally. Artists may find the presentation motivating on a number of levels. Julie drew some of her inspiration from the Irish people she met, and from the history and culture, as it pertains to her family roots. Attendees might consider the benefits of learning about one’s own heritage through an artist residency, and to therefore, build empathy and a desire for inquiry, to appreciate other cultures as well as one’s own.

Learn more about Julie McNiel and her recent artist residency during Art Talk at the Morris Graves Museum of Art on Sunday, July 2 at 2:00 p.m.!

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