Perilous Plunge

The Plunge is the annual fundraiser for the Redwood Discovery Museum. In teams, or individually, plungers jump into Humboldt Bay dressed up in wacky costumes to the sound of the Marching Lumberjacks and the cheers of the crowd.  Plungers are rewarded for their bravery with a hot tub, Bloody Marys, and a warm lunch. Leading up to the event, each plunger collects pledges from ‘sponsors’ who will gladly pay to watch them jump into the Bay. All funds raised directly benefit the Redwood Discovery Museum programs including Pal Camp in Freshwater. This year will be the 21st annual community-wide event.

The Redwood Discovery Museum is more than a Museum.  It’s a children’s summer camp, an outdoor education facility, a teacher resource, a field trip destination, a playgroup host, a place to play on rainy days, an experience to enjoy with your child, and so much more. The community’s investment in The Perilous Plunge enables us to sustain vital programs serving over 14,000 children annually.

Event Information