Pippi Longstocking

Celebrating a strong, independent, fiery young heroine this holiday season.

Pippi Longstocking, the high-spirited heroine who has inspired generations around the world, is now making her Humboldt debut for the holidays.

 Award-winning Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren’s story of Pippi Longstocking is about every child (and grown up’s) dream of freedom and power. The daughter of a pirate sailing the South Seas, Pippi, lives in Villa Villekulla with her horse and pet monkey. In the house next-door, live Tommy and Annika, and since Pippi moved in, life became a lot more fun.

The show will take place from November 26th to the 28th, and each day will have a 2 pm and 7 pm show. Everyone that enters must wear a mask and show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. Tickets available at mainstagehumboldt.org

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