Rutabaga Ball 2023

Get ready for an epic night of entertainment at Synapsis on Saturday, May 27th! Doors open at 7 pm with the show starting promptly at 8 pm. You can grab your tickets for only $15.

This year's event promises to be the best yet! Join us for a hilarious evening hosted by our EmCees, Princesses Kristoffer Taylor and Stephanie Knowles, featuring DJ Tim Brown and Mr. EW. Plus, you won't want to miss the talented Rutabaga Queen contestants! 

This is an all-ages event, with a bar serving up our signature cocktails and beers, Six River Charter High School's Sources of Strength providing concessions, and exclusive Rutabaga Queen merchandise available for purchase. So bring your cash and come ready to have a blast!

This beloved annual tradition will be Saturday, May 27th, day one of the Kinetic Grand Championship, with contestants promoting themselves on the first day of the Championship and judged while on the course. The talent competition and crowning will happen at Synapsis at 1675 Union in Eureka on day one of the races after the closing of the finish line. We will be doing a “fan favorite” award this year as well, so come ready to cast your votes for your favorite contestant. 

In 1973, "friend of Hobart" and general oddball Barbara Ludwig decided that the Kinetic Race needed a reigning monarch and declared herself "Rutabaga Queen." Since that legendary day, there have been dozens of raucous royals who have made it their duty to follow the cardinal rule of Rutabaga-ing: Have FUN! … almost to the point of obnoxiousness.  To run for Queen, fill out the application at, or visit for more information. Join our royal family and be a part of the Kinetic Universe!

The Rutabaga Ball was invented by a Queen and organized by the Rutabaga Royal Family, a group of independent performing artists and volunteers. This Kinetic tradition pre-dates Kinetic Universe, the nonprofit organization that produces the Kinetic Grand Championship, by many decades.  

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