• Dec 11 - Dec 11

  • 11:00 AM

Virgin of Guadalupe Procession

St. Bernard church is hosting a procession during the Novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe on Sunday, Dec. 11, 11 a.m. 1- 12 p.m.; 2022, during the Novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe. Participants will meet at St. Bernard Church, 615 H Street, then proceed on 7th Street to Myrtle Ave., ending with services at Sacred Heart Church on Edgewood Street.

This traditional Catholic procession is a beautiful way to celebrate the Advent Season by honoring Mary, the Mother of God, and the mother that Jesus gave to us all. It will be open to all who would like to participate.

All participants will walk on sidewalks where possible, advised as to safety and guided by plastic safety lines with flashlights and candles. There will be volunteer safety personnel walking with the group with safety vests and cell phones in case of emergency. All safety precautions would be taken to assure a safe, prayerful and peaceful walk.

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