Which Way the Wind Blows Festival

The 2022 Which Way The Wind Festival continues this organization’s mission and to support the work of local multi-disciplinary artists. Visit the Resources link on our website for information about our 2022 contests for artists and songwriters.

The 2022 festival will be held Oct. 7-15 at Synapsis in Eureka. Visit the Which Way The Wind Festival link on our website for the complete list of our 2022 festival events. Volunteers are needed as well; please visit our website if you are interested in volunteering

Our Mission: Engage the Humboldt community through the arts to advocate and support actions for peace and increase awareness of the perils and costs of nuclear weapons and global climate threats.

Our Purpose: Which Way The Wind organization and its subsequent festival were initially created in 2018 to draw attention to the threat of nuclear proliferation. Today the organization and festival actively address the nexus between nuclear proliferation, global warming, and environmental degradation.

Event Information