The Sequoia Park Zoo & Gardens

A family-friendly spot, the Sequoia Park Zoo and Gardens should be on your trip itinerary. Established in 1907, it’s the oldest accredited zoo in California and one of the smallest accredited zoos in the country. Situated next to the stunning old-growth redwoods of Sequoia Park, you’ll instantly feel transported – though you’re only minutes away from shops and dining in downtown Eureka.

The parks’ mission is to inspire conservation of the natural world by instilling wonder, respect, and passion for wildlife. And a visit to the Zoo will do just that: inspire. There are a wide range of animal exhibits and some that are interactive. Visit the walk-through aviary and see how many different types of birds you can count as the exotic birds fly through the lush free-flight habitat. The Barnyard is a hands-on experience that kids of all ages will love. Meet the always fluffy alpacas, or the sometimes aloof fowl. The family-friendly watershed play area allows children to explore and learn about the interconnectedness of our environment. Investigate the real watershed and observe the underwater life of otters and salmon through the clear walled above ground tanks. The entire exhibit is an example of a healthy watershed where guests can learn about how they can help protect the environment.

The Zoo has a wide array of diverse animals to see, learn about, and learn from. You might see the flamingos next door to the Patagonian cavies and Crested screamers, or the rare and adorable red pandas as they play and climb in their habitat. All just a normal day at the Zoo — full of unique animals everywhere you look. 

As you finish your time at the Zoo, you can continue your day's adventure by visiting the 67-acre Sequoia Park directly next to the Zoo. Enjoy a packed lunch at the picnic tables or on the expansive lawn followed by a visit to the two playgrounds nestled among the trees, the Sequoia Garden to see what is in bloom, or a walk on the beautiful trails through the redwood forest. The area offers plenty to enjoy for the whole family.