Old growth,

new adventures.

Old growth,new adventures.

Sustainable Eureka

There are very few communities who care about their environment more than the citizens of Eureka. Most of the people who choose to live, work, and visit this community do so first and foremost because of the natural majesty that surrounds it. 

You’ll find a core commitment to sustainability in everything here – from land-use guidelines to zoning codes, natural resource planning to open space standards, air quality benchmarks to harbor district priorities. Even the brightly colored murals that adorn buildings throughout the city advocate for eco-sensitivity. 

Read on for some examples of how this ethos plays out through local initiatives, sparked through both public and private sector initiatives.

E.C.O. Eureka

E.C.O. Eureka is a hub of city-wide environmental and conservation resources that enhance the quality of life across the community while serving as a driving force for local environmental stewardship. Citizens use the website to find out about upcoming events, pledge their commitment to key issues, and learn more about relevant city policies and recycling standards. 

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Zero Waste Eureka

In August of 2019, the City of Eureka launched “Zero Waste Eureka,” an aggressive initiative designed to provide citizens with innovative approaches to reducing waste. The City set a public goal of transforming the community into a zero-waste leader by creating a circular economy where waste materials that are recycled can be reused as raw materials by industry instead of being exported to other countries. The city is also working to encourage citizens to thoughtfully consider refusing, reducing, reusing, and recycling everything they consume or encounter until nothing is sent to landfills.

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PAC-OUT Green Team, By Pacific Outfitters

PacOut Green Team is a group of avid outdoors people in Humboldt County, CA that are passionate about keeping our outdoor spaces free of litter and debris. They host weekly 60-minute cleanups every Saturday between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. with the goal of helping people to see that picking up litter is not something you do once or twice a year but instead a way of life. They use these weekly gatherings to build community, provide sustainability education, and bag 20,000-40,000 lbs of trash via hundreds of volunteers each year. 

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